I am a first year PhD student in Government (Comparative Politics) at Cornell. My research focuses on the role of local government in Africa. Primarily, I am interested in the politics of land and conflict at the local level, but I have also studied accountability and impeachments, gender representation in local governments and the the politics of identity. Most of this work has been done in Kenya, where I wrote my masters dissertation looking at decentralisation in the context of historical land conflict. I have also studied land redistribution and conflict in Southern Africa. For my PhD, I will start to examine the political and historical determinants of decentralisation at a subnational level in Africa.  

Before all this: I was born and grew up in Toronto, where I did my BA at the University of Toronto in Peace and Conflict Studies. I then completed an MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government) at Oxford University's University College. Last year, I worked at the British Institute in Eastern Africa (Nairobi) and Generations for Peace (Amman and Skopje).