Ongoing and past research projects

Decentralised, Democratic Land Management in Kenya: Implications for land inequality, land security and land markets

Project across eight of Kenya's counties to analyse Kenya's various devolved and deconcentrated land administration institutions (both new and old). Specifically, we ask why certain counties implement mechanisms of land accountability. With Dr. Catherine Boone (LSE), Dr. Jacqueline Klopp (Columbia University), Ambreena Manji (Cardiff University), Achiba Gargule (University of Bern), Catherine Gateri (Kenyatta University), Seth Ouma (University of Nairobi) and James Owino (University of Nairobi). Funding from the LSE International Inequalities Institute.

Working Paper: Boone, C., Dyzenhaus, A., Ouma, S., Owino, J., Gateri, C., Gargule, A. Klopp, J., Manji, M. 'Land Politics under Kenya's New Constitution: Counties, Devolution, and the National Land Commission'LSE ID Working Paper. November 2016.


Devolution, Local Elections and Identity in Kenya


How does devolution and decentralisation affect local level identities? What are its effects on party formation, voting and competition? Further, what effects do local level contests have on national-level ones in devolved and federal systems?

Under contract: Dyzenhaus, A.The Rift Valley: The struggle for supremacy, in Cheeseman, N., Lynch, G. and Karuti, K. Eds. The Oxford Handbook on Kenyan Politics. Oxford University Press. Oxford. 


Research consultant on the project 'Truth and Justice: The search for peace and stability in modern Kenya

Examining the implementation of devolved functions in Kenya's Kericho and Embu counties for Dr. Nic Cheeseman (Oxford), Dr. Gabrielle Lynch (Warwick) and Dr. Justin Willis (Durham). Funded by the ESRC. Results can be seen at: 




Forthcoming: Dyzenhaus, A. 2018. Decentralisation: Accountability in subnational government, in Cheeseman, N. Ed. Institutions and Democracy in Africa: How the rules of the game shape political developments. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.

As a research consultant: Cheeseman, N., Lynch, G. and Willis, J. (2016) ‘Decentralisation in Kenya: the governance of governors’, The Journal of Modern African Studies, 54(1), pp. 1–35.


Evaluation of Generations For Peace's Programming in the Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia