I shoot 35mm film on my Minolta SRT-101 and my Canon QL17 GIII and I've started to take medium format photos on my Mamiya C330. I've included a few albums here, but check my Instagram for regular posts of old scans and my Flickr for sporadically posted pics.

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Nairobi 2019

Lomo Berlin Kino (the two paw photos are by Syokau Mutonga)

Nairobi, Nakuru, Narok 2018

Ilford HP5, Agfa Vista 200

Cornell @ MPSA 2018

Re-released Kodak T-Max 3200


Kenya's Elections 2017

Fuji Provia 100 and Kodak Ektar 100


Upstate: Rochester/Ithaca

Kodak Tri X (at 1600)


BIEA Adventures in Nairobi/Coast 2015/2016

Kodak Super Gold 400, Konica 200 (expired 2008), Fuji Pro400h, Ilford Delta 400 (expired 1998), Kodak EliteChrome (expired 2007 + cross-processed)


BIEA Expedition to Rwanda - Kisumu/Jinja/Kigali 2016

Kodak 200, Ilford Pan 100