Below I have listed a number of future, ongoing and past research projects on the subjects of devolution, land politics, accountability and conflict. These are a mix of individual and collaborative projects.


Dissertation Project: Land Redistribution and Restitution in South Africa

What explains the allocation of land after Apartheid in South Africa? In my dissertation project, I analyse the determinants of both land redistribution and restitution in South Africa.


Land Titling Programs in Rural Kenya

What are the determinants of policy-based land titling programs in Kenya? When do governments look to create political dependency through clientelism or to undertake policy-based, development goals? I try to answer these questions using original data from Kenya’s Ministry of Lands and National Titling Centre on land formalisation and redistribution programs from the colonial era to the present day.


Electoral Violence, Youth Party Activists and Police in Liberia

With Sabrina Karim, Lindsey Pruett and Dao Freeman

Using an original field experiment done around Liberia’s 2017 elections, we examine the effects of an intervention with youth party activists and police officers - two groups who are often on the front lines of electoral conflict - to gain a better understanding of election violence and how to address it.

Tea fields in Bomet County

Decentralised, Democratic Land Management in Kenya: Implications for land inequality, land security and land markets

With Catherine Boone, Ambreena Manji, Catherine Gateri, Seth Ouma, James Owino, Achiba Gargule and Jacqueline Klopp.

Project across eight of Kenya's counties to analyse Kenya's various devolved and deconcentrated land administration institutions (both new and old). Specifically, we ask why certain counties implement mechanisms of land accountability. With Dr. Catherine Boone (LSE), Dr. Jacqueline Klopp (Columbia University), Ambreena Manji (Cardiff University), Achiba Gargule (University of Bern), Catherine Gateri (Kenyatta University), Seth Ouma (University of Nairobi) and James Owino (University of Nairobi). Funding from the LSE International Inequalities Institute and the British Institute in Eastern Africa.


Devolution, Identity and Accountability in Kenya

How does devolution and decentralisation affect local level identities and competition between institutions? What are its effects on party formation, voting and competition? Under what conditions are local governments accountable?